My scribbles represent my worldview and attitude toward individual matters. I review books, relate them to other interesting resources, rant on annoyances of everyday life, and revisit moments significant to my personal development. And You are invited to read them, taking whatever useful you find in them. Reactions or points of discussion are also welcome; feel free to get in touch via e-mail or any of the contact details shown in the page footer!


On Procrastination, Revisited

Is procrastination really a thing? Let's think about it from a different perspective than we did last time.


On Preoccupation

A short one. With a more sanguine tone, for a change.


On Living

Self-help books have become a genre and like every genre, they have good and bad books. More like 'okay' and 'no shit, Sherlock' books, in this case. What are my picks?


On Cancer

Oops. 23. And alive.


On Wallflowers

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a book by Steven Chobsky. Charlie and I have a lot in common. It is also a movie with Emma Watson, which does not do it justice.


On Software

Why not take a look at some software that a multidisciplinary ninja uses in their everyday adventures? There is a really great way to look for just the right tool you need.