Mattved and Cookies

Alright. Because a significant fraction of my audience is EU-based, I am legally obliged to tell you about the fact that I feed you some cookies. These are tiny text files that tell me that you've already visited my site and save your browsing preferences, such as zoom, font size adjustment, and other unimportant kinda crap. Personally, I use exclusively for audience analytics, so that I have some idea about what country y'all come from and how much time you spend here. By no means does anybody else get to this information to anybody. I actually pay the wonderful guys at Plausible to keep it that way.

Regardless, there might be some embedded content (especially YouTube videos, Spotify playlists, GeoGebra vizualization, or others) that feeds you some additional cookies associated with the original host of whatever I share. I know that blows, but it's the world we live in.

If you don't like this, I encourage you to download a tracker-blocking browser extension such as uBlock Origin (which is an integrated solution that also blocks all the advertizing) or Gostery. While some sites may get all naggy about this behavior, I won't punish you, since I don't actually care all that much.
I don't even put ads here, because web should be ad-free and if monetized, it should be through direct payments. Don't allow advertizing to become the largest business. It's bad already.

This page is a legal document, by the way.