ECN2011 - Financial Economics

09/07/2017 21:56

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This module was split into two parts, both of which were focused on calculations related to financial markets, investment and equity.
The first part focused on valuation of assets and investment projects in general terms. It was mathematically heavier, but contained some theories on risk attitudes.
The second part was in its beginning outlining reverse assessment of influence among individual shares and in the further lectures focused on derivatives markets, most specifically on futures markets.

Personal Rating



I enjoyed the mathsy part of this as a very useful practice of equation notation in LaTeX and generally enjoyed the work. Nevertheless, the lectures were rather fast-paced and the formulae needed further interpretation in the self-study time.
Regarding the second part, I was present in the first two lectures and eventually struck by couple of factors not related to the content, which made me withdraw my attendance completely, finish the coursework and fly on. Shame. The topic was fairly interesting.

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Attendance 0.10 75.0
Valuation Exercise 0.45 85.5
Futures Portfolio Assessment 0.45 73.0
Total 1.00 75


Financial Economics Course Work 1
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Trading Futures
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