On disappointment

10/09/2017: It sucks to deal with matters completely irrelevant to the focal point of your job. Some corp-dinosaur employers expect it of you, though. Arrrrgh

After a while, I felt the need to come back to the wonderful habit of reading and reflecting on my thoughts quietly, yet with the power of word. I had a busy summer. Filled mostly with a work experience, tightly linked to my last year’s experience. Same people, similar project, different conditions.

Although I love everybody and everything when it comes to my domestic department in the company, the bottom line of my recent observations is that work in a cross-multinational polycorp setting on a malcoordinated projects just sucks. And not only that. It also creates an indignation in one’s attitude towards their own position, their own company and their closest colleagues, even though none of them may be at fault at all.

Who is to blame? A widely spread group of people functioning in more or less identifyiable positions who get well paid for sitting around and doing minimal amount of work their employer accepts as adequate. Or the people who have a need to be always right, always the one talking and always take all the credit. Or the ones who do job they are by far not competent to do.

They are all over the place and overshadow the quiet people who deliver and are always willing to sacrifice more of their time then obligatory. They demotivate people who go to work for the job first and then the money. Because these become aware of the fact that they could easily be just like them, undergo far less stress and get much more attribution.

I am not like that! And I never want to be. But they force me to. Because there is gradually less work that nobody bothered to do in the past. I have done it all and now I have to wait for the lazy and excuse-seeking people to let me get through to further work. In result of that, my academic mind commences to suffer and its health bars begin to go down.

I have been actively going to work for four months now and am already so tired from doing so much of nothing, that I call that enough. I am eager to board the bus to go back to the Kingdom and rejoin with my ever so loved alma mater as much as I couldn’t imagine a year ago.

Hence, despite already having a good job offer for when I complete my bachelor studies, I probably will continue studying for as long as my financial and other conditions allow. Afterwards, I will likely end up as a self proprietor or a startup employee. Because the dinosaurs will unfortunately probably never wake up and start running like the old good Tyrrannosaurus Rex used to and I do not have enough patience to remain for long enough to be allowed to slam the drum and wake them up. Shame. Cause they have stories so interesting that they should be told to the world.

I hereby promise to myself that I will always do my best and focus on nurturing my brainpower over anything else in the professional world. Love goes first, though.