On housemates

19/01/2018: Here goes a lenghty rant on what living with junkies feels like. I do greatly appreciate that arrangements were made for me to move away from them.

Since I attended a boarding school, went to university, and visited couple of spa resorts and conferences, I had the chance to share a room or a house with complete strangers. Fair to say that sometimes you get to pick, however that is not the prevalent case and getting to know the other ones is simply a part of it.

Some roommates I encountered were decent, some at least tolerable, while others I have been at war with over the majority of the time of implied cohabitation. And when I say war, I mean overwhelming doses of passive-aggressive behavior and taking of actions some may not approve of.

So, I will start commiting to deeds I have done to the worst ones. With some justification and a dose of self-crisicism, while explaining the whole story.

My very first roommate at the boarding school I attended was a highly individualistic being who was used to going very late to bed and laugh at things I considered sumb and unfair. Though I did not mind him personally, the culture of the school with a very sarcastic nature of the humor was just too overwhelming to be exposed to 24/7. Similarily, my distinctive existence, as well as a fair amount of psych meds have pushed this roommate to move. He complained about snoring, which I admit must’ve been awful. Well, it was caused by a pseudo-anesthetic I took to be able to fall asleep. Because I just couldn’t. And as far as I remember, it was not the only thing. Important to say, though, he is an interesting and cool person. Seems even more so as I located his website right now.

Second notable roommate was in one of the spa resorts where I have gone aged 15 for a period of 4 weeks. I ended up sharing a room with a guy suffering from a strong vision impairment, who was a dork, but a decent guy otherwise. The other one was apparently training to become a masseur and exhibited strong extraversion and below-average intellect. He and another dude kept holding sexually explicit conversations, discussing their experience and stuff. I mean, I guess it belongs to the age, but I was not quite interested in listening to it and kept telling them that they should have more respect to girls. They also bullied the visually impaired guy by calling him six-eyed and the masseur has taken an internet access token, which the three of us chipped in for and agreed to share. He didn’t. At one point, his misorganization has rendered his ID to disappear somewhere. Another of the attendants has found it and instead of hading it back to the owner gave it to me. I kept it for a while, until I realized that he was not going to change and continue acting like a jerk. Then, I decided to play the role of karma, took his ID for a long walk through the forest and cut a milimeter wide fragment off every 5 steps. Yes, it is a punishable crime and I have never done anything like that since.

Third, probably most annoying roommate I had to sleep just centimeters away from was a former ice hockey player. This was at the Techincal University of Ostrava dormitories, floor 13. We shared a course as well as the specific study group and were deemed to spend a lot of time together. Things have been progressing, up and down. I taught him to smoke, we watched anime on his flatscreen, played heartstone and so on. But he continued to keep his stuff laying around unorganized, watched weird movies into the night, didn’t really care about anything and finally let me do the biggest assignment for our marketing class entirely on my own, promising that he’d take care of the remaining minor assignments, which he didn’t. So on the morning on the second assignment, I have willingly locked the bathroom from the outside, using a credit card, to prevent him from coming to the class by making him to miss the bus, and left. Afterwards, it was minor stuff. Filing complaints, throwing the other’s stuff out of window, leaving messages on our tables, avoiding each others presence and so on. Soon before the end of our room sharing, I found his cooking pot on the bottom of the shower, to which I reacted by covering the mirror, which he used a lot, with a toothpaste, sticking a lovely message on it for him.

In England, my first-year housemates were also an interesting group of people. A guy who studied IT incapable of restarting a router, a dope dealer, a socialist (who was okay but smoked weed in the house as well), a nihilist girl with a boyfriend she did not deserve, and a fairly normal girl who has decided to live elswhere since before Christmas. With them, I ended up giving up and just surviving the year through Skyping, playing League of Legends and overeating. That was a lot of fun. Also, there was a cat visiting us periodically. I always felt ashamed in front of her and whenever she came around and jumped in through my open window, I greeted her politely, opened the door and waited for further developments. On one occasion, she chose to sit in a box I had on the floor and not leave for a good while. I did not have anything against the cat. I just felt awkward. The house was shit.

Second year housemates, on the other hand were the most awesome bunch of people I could’ve ever asked for. I still visit them for Sunday roast dinner they tend to hold.

This year, I live with 6 males, of which two are okay, one is a DJ and takes cocaine or some white stuff like that, one is a nihilist and generally a selfish boy, and the last one is just a bit aggressive dude I couldn’t care less about as long as he does not shout at me. These people, I have been dealing with for a while and today, I sent an e-mail with remarks on their behavior. Openly reporting the drug spotting, noise, smelling weed everywhere, and incapability to clean their own stuff to them, the school and the letting agency, addressing them directly by names. Just because I was pretty mad at them. And that is about it. I lock myself in the room and expect a lot to happen in the near future, mainly concerning me. I am pretty scared but looking forward at the same time.

Finally, I must say that in my past, there have been some decent roommates, like the guy in Bournemouth, my third boarding school roommate… Hm. I guess I have an issue with living along others. Are my standards too high again? I just want a normal household. Peaceful ways to spend time. No weed. No drugs. No gore. No. No!!!