On teaching

14/05/2017: Why I find teaching satisfying and how does it improve me as an individual. How important is it for people to assume position of a mentor in the real world even when it is not expected of us.

Ever since I was about 11 years old, I was always up late into the night. Reasons for this were various, but at first it was mostly me being a geek and a kid who liked to play and experiment with a wide variety of things, which resulted in being too busy to do my homework during daytime. I always ended up with a torch under my blanket, silently filling gaps and doing writing exercises. (more of the former, really) Then, World of Warcraft came into my life, briefly substituted with music and learning to play drumset, followed by more tweaking of electronics.

Then, I was admitted to an elite boarding school, where I managed to learn how to socialize to some extent and ended up having fun and connecting with people all day. Don’t get me wrong though, even then, I was quite a deep person analyzing many things and learning a lot about the inner side of people. That was the INFJ in me thriving, being satisfied from the human interaction.

Yet, I needed some time to relax and be with myself for a while, for which the best time came after the official curfew. Obviously, some nights we spent drinking with my schoolmates secretly, but mostly, I spent this time sitting at my desk, browsing the internet and occasionally doing my homework. At that point in time, I became what is commonly referred to as a night owl and I remain being a proud member of this camp until now.

The reason for existence of such people is in my opinion mainly the concept of opportunity costs. Because who the hell gives up an hour of time sitting on their chair, reading archaically articulated academic article, when they can go outside and spend the hour window-shopping, looking at people, or attending lectures\? At night, it’s different. The only trade-off there is is between sleeping and doing work, which wouldn’t be done over daytime. The diligence (if it’s not any type of addiction) is what makes them stay awake. Then, we regretfully sleep through half of the day, but don’t really need to worry afterwards, because we did our work and should be proud of ourselves. We start off our day with brief breakfast, reach our workplace last and do what we must. Short siesta after coming home saves us from the stress caused by watching TV news and dinner can follow the short nap. Then, we go back to our own personal space where nothing disturbs us. Honestly, I can imagine being an early bird, but that would mean getting out of my warm bed early. And when you are laid comfortably, the additional pleasure one gets from doing so is much lower than staying in and enjoying the warmth of their sheets.