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Anticipation can be dangerous, no matter how positive its subject is. Because something can always go wrong and when the matter is not in your hands, it will only hurt. Take initiative and avoid dependence of your objectives on others.

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Society makes no difference between fat and skinny. Honestly? Each feels different physically and mentally. Read my story and learn my method.

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Costa Coffee post this time, fueled by the great arabica-robusta blend of Mocha Italia poured into a well steamed soy milk. I signed a full-time contract with my so-far amazing employer, securing my existential needs for a while, especially through the surgery ahead of me. And I don't say amazing

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Everybody makes a mistake from time to time, and the junction came where I gotta admit belonging to that exact domain. My blog went through about as many changes in platform as it had posts. (Everybody sometimes exaggerates, right?) So I am here today to give an account on journey

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On a lighter note, even though the title might confuse to expect otherwise, I feel that my rants that run throughout the almost three year history of blogging, I haven’t expressed my opinion on what the three all-time greatest evils are. Mind that this stance is firm and

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Time flows and I feel I should do more with this blog. I don't thirst for the influencer title or think that my worldviews and experience could change the world. The truth is, I am well aware of the danger both of these junctions bring enormous degree of responsibility, that

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I have already written a post on procrastination, but it got a bit harder lately. I do have trouble getting myself to commit to professional tasks, instead of which I involve myself in various activities one would barely consider procrastination, since their results are impressive and visible to far wider

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So, I’m sitting in a Starbucks on one of the most frequented streets of Prague’s city centre, sipping my soy milk latte enhanced by a serious load of cinnamon, taking a moment to think between blood draws and a scheduled appointment with my psychiatrist. Things have

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I’ve been horrible in sticking up to anything lately. There is a massive pile of unpublished drafts on this blog, especially from the past six months. I haven’t seen my friends in a while again and I even missed a dentist’s appointment, because I

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Long time no post. And for a reason as grim as any reader of this can imagine. Do you remember that 23 year old student of Econometrics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam? Well, turns out he had to interrupt his studies after failing the first two exams while waiting for histology

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Hello, world. I haven’t written anything in here for quite a while. And to be perfectly honest, it is to a significant extent a result of me not doing so well. From the outside, it seems that things hold together pretty well and there is no reason for

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Although it is slowly moving towards accommodating the dumbness of majority, everybody uses some set of software. While I’m mainly speaking about computer software that runs on Windows, i.e. the operating system I use on daily basis, even people who rarely touch traditional 105-key input devices have

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