Hey, I’m Mattved, legally Matěj Adámek. Data analyst by profession, economist by education, behavioral psychologist by book collection, cancer survivor since 23, and mentor to a good few.

This is my blog, where I share various academic and technical resources in addition to thoughts on daily struggless, books, and wonderful opportunities. My Views may give you a general context and if you want background, you can check out my profile. And those those who have inspired me are mentioned in My Squad.


On New Jobs

A story of my six-month journey from working for a company I no longer identified with, through rocky paths of the job market, toward a great opportunity.


On Tinder and Relationships

And empirical take on Sternberg's duplex theory of Love with an introduction inspecting whether Tinder is as terible for men as most studies assert. It's long.


On Gaming

The longer story of how important the role of gaming has been in my life, coping with struggle, and my progression from an awkward kid to a respected professional.


On Prague and Food

Places to eat in Prague, curated by a local. All of them located in a neatly small radius and all great for taking a break from all the czech restaurants wannabe that only look to capitalize on tourists.


On Anticipation

On how you should strive to be the one in control of your life and how much it sucks when you lose this control. And how you can't do anything but trust and believe in intentions of those who are.


On Being Fat

My perspective on how I managed to establish and control my physical state. Also on how I failed doing that most of time.