Matěj Adámek: Data Scientist in Retail and Psychology

Matěj Adámek (Mattved) shares experience in data science practice and ponders on topics between Economics and Psychology.

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On Mentors

Few thoughts on people I have encountered in the professional environment. Because regardless of how pleasant they are, most shaped me to be better than what I do. Not necessarily to be a better employee, though.

Mattved Mattved
4 minutes

On blogging, again

Now that we established why blog, we should have a look at were to blog. Far harder a question. But there has to be a right pick, right? I had to update this article multiple times.

Mattved Mattved
8 minutes

On Biggest Evils

Let's make fun of our pet peeves while slipping in an important lesson on history and true evil. Look at the contrast and judge for yourself: Do our daily anger manifestations even matter?

Mattved Mattved
6 minutes

On Fame

Three stories capturing three different reactions to personal fame in reflection on Hank Green's book An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. Is fame what anyone in the world should want?

Mattved Mattved
5 minutes